Individualized Email Delivery

At MailPropeller, we deliver results, not just email.

Our truly visionary approach doesn’t focus on the number of people your campaign will reach; we focus on reaching the right people with right content. Ambitious, but ultimately generalized campaigns designed for massive lists are often sent off with enthusiasm, but lose momentum when they reach the inboxes of disinterested subscribers. This is why we focus on pairing each subscriber with content that’s not only relevant to them personally, but irresistible.

Instead of worrying about split testing or list segmentation, we focus on determining what data you have available and what additional data could be collected in order to create the perfect unity of content and audience capture.

Every engaged subscriber is worth 100 of their disinterested counterparts, so we strive to deliver relevant, interesting and thoroughly original content. We don’t send email we hope subscribers will open; we put thought into the underlying business strategies that create engagement with each subscriber and provide them with email they cannot wait to get, and are enthusiastic to open.

If you share the same goals as we do, we would love to strategize with you and implement your individualized email marketing strategy.

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Our Strategic Process

When it comes to email strategy, we don’t follow the beaten path – mostly because it’s just that: Beaten. Done. Spent. Ineffectual. Most email marketers focus on a single goal for an entire campaign, and when you combine this with the fact that people are getting around a dozen (if not more) mass emails a day, you’re left with a pretty apathetic audience. Email marketers may make a few small changes to an email, or replace the FIRSTNAME, but ultimately, all their lists do is place subscribers in categories. Even if some of these categories are very specific, it doesn’t mean the job is done.

Sure, categories are important, but they are not the only variable. We look at all of the available data, in real-time. When MailPropeller sends an email campaign, it starts out with a default subject. However, before it sends any email with that subject, it uses Artificial Intelligence to look through current data and see if a better, more appropriate subject exists. For example, if a subscriber has not logged in during the last 30 days, it can change the subject to "We miss you, please come back".

Successful email marketing creates a relationship, and like all successful relationships, it needs to be ever changing and dynamic. There needs to be respect. Stale, one-sided, selfish relationships don’t last.

The relationships we create have longevity because we pay attention – close attention. Each section of the email is analyzed by our Artificial Intelligence engine. Content is added, subtracted and manipulated on the fly before each email is sent. MailPropeller is even smart enough to know when there is nothing new to send to a recipient. Rather than send them things they have received already or wouldn't be interested in, we can skip a recipient and move on to the next.

Before we can begin creating custom AI for you, we analyse your business in three major ways:

Data Analysis

The data you keep tells you many things, including how often subscribers visit your site, where they live, and what they like.

MailPropeller looks at the data you currently have and thinks of new ways to use it. MailPropeller also determines what data could benefit your campaigns and we devise ways to collect it. Finally, MailPropeller looks at how your users interact with your brand and attempts to determine which areas are really piquing their interest.

Content Analysis

Do you have too much or not enough content? Is your content unorganized? Do your users interact with the content you have in a measureable manner?

MailPropeller examines the way you manage your content as well as how your users interact with it. We implement strategies to determine what content is relevant to each individual and ensure your content management system is capable of applying this knowledge to newly created material.

Frequency Analysis

Our goal is to email each individual as often as possible with content that will truly engage them. Depending on each situation, this could range from as often as multiple times per day, to as seldom as once a year.

We respect each subscriber as an individual and we are committed to nurturing your relationship with your subscribers by delivering what they truly want, not what we want for them. This is why we attempt to dissect your current business plan and look for non-invasive reasons to send people quality, relevant and coveted email.

Our Implementation Method

As we work with our clients on an ongoing basis, we will continue to implement new database enhancements and look for new ways to measure the interests and interaction between your clients and your brand. We continuously build out new artificial intelligence to ensure your email delivery is always improving and adapting to newly implemented ideas.

We offer the following services on an ongoing basis:

Database Enhancement

Depending on the goals of your business, we adapt data collected to suit your needs. We examine the situation from a user’s perspective and think of what products/services you provide that users want to receive. If the data doesn't exist to connect those dots already, we come up with strategies to engage your users in ways that will allow us to collect any information.

As new campaign ideas arise, new data may be needed to be gathered or manipulated to achieve optimal performance.

MailPropeller Integration

We need to make our Individualized Email Engine work with your business at the database level. To do this, we constantly monitor your email performance and make adjustments to the underlying infrastructure to grow and morph as needed.

We continue to test the subscription mechanisms and add new ways for users to subscribe and engage if and when needed.

We also build new or modify existing administrative tools that allow you to manually manage content in ways that not only meet, but exceed your email campaign goals.

Intelligence Implementation

We build several single purpose functions to allow us to know specific things with regards to each user. This data is retrieved at the campaign level before each user receives an email. Our templates then utilize this information and construct emails that will be individualized to suit the recipient’s interests and level of engagement.

Automating these campaigns is another crucial step to ensure the email is delivered in a timely manner with the least amount of human intervention and greatest amount of influence.